Massage & Body Works YURAGISeptember 18, 2023 Opened at the 3F of Granbell Square
in Ginza 7-chome

Massage & Body Works YURAGISeptember 18, 2023 Opened at the 3F of Granbell Square
in Ginza 7-chome

Massage & Body Works YURAGISeptember 18, 2023 Opened at the 3F of Granbell Square
in Ginza 7-chome

Massage & Body Works YURAGISeptember 18, 2023 Opened at the 3F of Granbell Square
in Ginza 7-chome



Experience harmony of mind
and body,
and discover true well-being.

Using the traditional techniques of Thai massage, we offer a unique approach to help restore the balance of your mind and body.

Our treatments go beyond simply massaging and relieving tension in specific areas; rather, we provide a treatment tailored to each customer's condition to revitalize the entire body and enhance its natural healing abilities.

Join us and experience genuine health and harmony of inside and outside of your body.


Enhance the effectiveness through the treatment method
suitable for each customer.

Traditional Thai Massage

Aroma Massage

Foot Reflexology

Facial Massgae

Dry Head Massage

Abdominal Massage

Lymphatic Drainage & Improvement of Blood Circulation Balance - Body Treatment-


Traditional Thai Massage

30 minutes / from 4,500 yen

Originating about 2,500 years ago, Thai massage is a traditional massage therapy hailed as "the most comfortable in the world." If you prefer massages that use a lot of pressure, this is the one to go for. The course includes some stretches.

Aroma Massage

60 minutes / from 11,000 yen

Recommended for those who seek for relaxation. The aroma of essential oils gradually permeates the skin through massage, relaxes the brain, and reduces stress and anxiety. Please select your own favorite aroma oil.

Dry Head Massage + Abdomen + Foot

70 minutes / 11,000 yen

This is the course that combines 3 different massages: dry head massage using no oils but only acupressure to slowly relax the scalp, abdominal massage to help the internal organs work more efficiently, and foot massage expected to promote blood circulation and fatigue recovery by our extensive knowledge of reflexology.

Aroma + Traditional Thai Massage

100 minutes / 15,500 yen

The course includes 2 types of massages: aroma massage using essential oils and a Thai traditional massage that stretches the entire body. With your preferred aroma, you can expect relaxation, improved blood flow throughout the body, and fatigue recovery.

70min Full Body + 30min Cool Head Massage

100 minutes / 13,500 yen

Another combined course of 70-minute full body massage that promotes blood flow and relieves fatigue, and 30-minute head massage using carbonated bubbles for a cool sensation.

Premium Full Healing Massage

150 minutes / 25,000 yen

150-minute course that includes aroma massage, cool head massage, abdominal massage, and foot reflexology. Try this full healing massage course to experience full body refreshment and relaxation from head to toe.

NEW Facial lymphatic flow massage

60 minutes / 12,800 yen,
80 minutes / 15,500 yen

This treatment stimulates the lymphatic vessels of the face with a light touch to promote the elimination of waste products. This massage, activates the circulation of lymphatic fluid, improves skin texture, and reduces dullness and sagging.

NEW Four Hand Thai Massage

60 minutes / 16,400 yen,
90 minutes / 22,400 yen

This is a traditional Thai massage performed by two therapists working together.  Four hands simultaneously push down the body, distribute pressure evenly, and relieve muscle tension.

NEW Four Hands Aroma Oil Massage

60 minutes / 22,200 yen,
90 minutes / 29,600 yen

A luxurious treatment performed by two therapists at the same time.  Aroma oil is used, Aromatic oils are used to massage the whole body with smooth and rhythmical movements,  deep relaxation and stress relief.

フット&ショルダーSPA by ゆらぎ

Now being held at the "Corridor no Yu" on the 4th floor!
Foot & Shoulder SPA

Our staff's professional techniques stimulate pressure points on the soles of your feet and relieve stress throughout your body. Relax in a reclining chair while aroma and music enhance the effect. We offer a course of foot massage with cream or oil, and a full body relaxation course that also combines shoulder and neck.
Please contact our staff for reservations and inquiries.



Massage & Body Works YURAGI

  • GRANBELL SQUARE 3F, 7-2-18 Ginza,Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, JAPAN
  • TEL +81-3-6264-6781
  • Opening hours 1:00pm–12:00am
  • ・5-min walk from JR Shimbashi Station (North Exit)
  • ・5-min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station (C-1/C-2 Exit)
  • ・7-min walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Station (A-11/A-13 Exit)
  • ・8-min walk from JR Yurakucho Station (Hibiya Exit)
  • ・8-min walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Station (A-11/A-13 Exit)